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Paul Caisley ARTIST

As a visual artist working with collage, drawing, painting and sculpture I make visceral commentaries on themes such as perception, existence, love, sex, death, pop-culture and the human condition. Playful and unrefined bursts of satire, vulgarity, nonsense and wordplay frequently interlude more thoughtful projects.

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I was part of 96 Editions art gallery's debut exhibition 'flock'. Showcasing my work against 3 absolutely blinding local artists - Vanessa Foley, Ryan Quickfall and Ross Millard.

CAISO artwork - The Bird - 96 Editions

Flock is a bird / emotion themed series of work, and was led by Vanessa, with Ross, Ryan and myself as support acts. Head on over to 96 Editions, all of the work is for sale. Vanessa contributed 4 original drawings of a heron, rooster, vulture and eagle. Ryan illustrated a stack of burnt out classic cars which were all named after birds. Ross created an amazing und slightly surreal snow peaked mountainscape with 2 gliding gulls. And I've submitted a coloured up version of 'The Bird'. Flip it.

96 Editions have managed the production of the work on a very impressive and slightly mind boggling pigment ink printer. And it's all printed on the best quality paper you can get.

Vanessa Foley - The Heron - 96 Editions Art GalleryVanessa Foley - The Vulture - 96 Editions Art GalleryVanessa Foley - The Rooster - 96 Editions Art GalleryVanessa Foley - The Eagle - 96 Editions Art GalleryRyan Quickfall - Burnt Out - 96 Editions Art GalleryRoss Millard - Ups and Downs - 96 Editions Art Gallery

Well worth checking out the whole series - get on over there

96 Editions REMIX Vanessa Foley96 Editions REMIX Vanessa Foley

Posted: 13th Jul 2014

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