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Paul Caisley ARTIST

As a visual artist working with collage, drawing, painting and sculpture I make visceral commentaries on themes such as perception, existence, love, sex, death, pop-culture and the human condition. Playful and unrefined bursts of satire, vulgarity, nonsense and wordplay frequently interlude more thoughtful projects.

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Had loads of fun doing these 5 chalkboard panels for Science Bar (formerly North Bar) at Central Station in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Mixed media, layered with chalk, pasted digital prints & spray paint. Each panel features a portrait of a great scientific mind (chosen at random): Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Louis Pasteur.

Science bar artwork, Marie Curie. CAISO

Science bar artwork, Albert Einstein. CAISO

Science bar artwork, Stephen Hawking. CAISO

Science bar artwork, Nikola Tesla. CAISO

Science bar artwork, Louis Pasteur. CAISO

What does it represent? My interest in making people go a bit cross eyed. There's some visual trickery using warped geometric patterns, too many eyeballs, and depth cues to help with that.

Posted: 14th Oct 2013

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