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The truth is hidden from words

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How can you describe an experience or feeling which transcends language?

Last night’s prophetic dream which quickly slips away from words the harder you try to recall it, even though the feeling remains. Instinctive and intuitive actions. Orgasms. Faith... Terence McKenna once spoke of screaming and contorting like a madman because it was the only way the body could express the psychedelic experience.

Language can be a gatekeeper which forbids the communication of some truths. Like a black and white television broadcast of Mardi Gras festival, many experiences are richer than words allow us to convey, causing a bottleneck of feeling. Yet it is commonplace to put all faith in words and categorisation, and to disregard things which don’t fit into the pigeonhole realms of language.

These paintings, I believe, are about that almost objective abstract sense of truth, which you may have connected with yourself. They are conceived by becoming available and transcribing the ideas that come to me with as little of my own input as possible. My hand is inspired to move freely in a predefined space, plotting the composition on paper. Then I carefully translate the form to canvas with an intuitively predefined palette, and system for applying the paint. Some subtle perceptive glitches appear, which are common to many of my works, and encourage more thorough visual engagement.

I consider these to be exercises in yoga, sanskrit meaning "union with the divine". Works in collaboration with the subject in which I’m interested. And by not grasping for ownership of the ideas I’m able to interpret the works as an observer, and enjoy them as gifts which I was given the opportunity to bring into existence.

Seems that I am a gatekeeper, too.

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