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The truth is hidden from words

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As a truth seeker I've always been seduced by mystic symbolism, which even to the uninitiated can appear to be loaded with meaning. When this vision of emerald rods came to me I had a similar sense of something trying to be communicated through their unusual formations. Reminiscent of hand and body gestures in ancient eastern imagery, or hieroglyphs.

In George Orwell's 1984, Big Brother is revising the dictionary. Reducing the vocabulary, and with it the range of thought a person is capable of having within the framework of that language. In reality we certainly do feel things which transcend our language: last night’s prophetic dream which quickly slips away from words the harder you try to recall it... Intuitive actions... Orgasms... Psychedelic experiences... Faith...

Yet we're encouraged to disregard things which can't be pigeonholed by language, explicitly. Could Orwell's dystopian conception have actually already occurred in our distant past?

I've used artistic license to tease the fabric of "reality", adding subtle glitches and distortions to fool the eyes. Alluding to the idea that this world of rigid form and language which most see as the only certainty, is perhaps more malleable and uncertain than we are led to believe.

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  • Doors of perception
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